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Fabrizio P.

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in it to win it!

08/31/14 08:14 am

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08/29/14 04:53 pm

Proprofit - Global Marketing Services: Superduplicator Contest Rank just updated:
MPORTANT: this is the last update posted before the end of the contest. The final result of the august contest will be posted after Agust 31st.

08/20/14 05:02 am

Proprofit - Global Marketing Services: Only 10 days left and Lindsey, Giusy, Damian are leading the Superduplicator rank in August! Are they gonna win? Or some outsider will show up during the final rush? We'll keep you posted here:

08/07/14 07:11 am

Proprofit - Global Marketing Services: We are happy to inform you that the first 20 winners of the contest in July are beginning to get their PSA, as a reward

08/03/14 11:07 am

Proprofit - Global Marketing Services: Good contest in August to all!
who will win the new and rich rewards of this month?
First prize even more rich and exciting: 1000 $ + 500 + Psa 15 booster packs + one full day of Proprofit advertising campaign in the United States!
And do not forget the other 19 great prizes! and all the participants from twenty down position will receive 2 PSA as a consolation prize!

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Adventure Tourists Collection

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